One hundred years ago, an estimated ten million African elephants roamed the continent. Today there are less than five hundred thousand. Genocides require mass complicity.

    Caught between bloody civil wars and a lust for money, African elephants struggle to survive a seemingly insatiable global demand for ivory.

    Who will fight Al-Shabaab, Janjaweed, Al-Qaeda, The Lord's Resistance Army and the International cartels?

    Meet the outgunned, inexhaustible heroes trying to save them in the feature film, When Giants Fall, due for release in 2016.

    The Crew

    Leslie Griffith

    Director/ Executive Producer/ Writer

    Greg Nelson

    Director of Photography

    Gary Lundgren


    Kevin Ang

    Motion Graphics Artist / Designer

    John Askew


    David Raines

    Sound Designer

    Anne Lundgren

    Producer of Marketing & Distribution

    Jessica Ring

    Production Manager

    Amanda Kulmac

    Line Producer

    Anita Gomez

    Associate Producer

    Sangye Ince-Johannsen

    Associate Producer

    Bruce Goodman


    Oscar Nkala

    Investigative Journalist

    Kathi Lynn Austin

    Arms Trafficking Expert / Adviser

    Andrea Crosta

    WildLeaks Founder / Adviser

    Ian Redmond

    Wildlife Biologist / Adviser

    G.A. Bradshaw, Ph.D Ph.D


    Ivy Ang

    Adviser / Consultant

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    If you'd like to contribute to the fight to save the elephants of Africa, please consider making a donation to one of these organizations.

    • Big Life Foundation
    • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
    • Save The Elephants
    • WildAid
    • Environmental Investigation Agency
    • Thin Green Line Foundation
    • WildLeaks
    • PAMS Foundation

    We have selected these organizations based on the efficiency with which they translate donations into real aid and relief for elephants affected by poaching.